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STEP 1: Credit Card Payment

 Chavi Love Spell ($400)
 Rauni Love Spell ($600)


Chavi Money Spell ($400)

 Rauni Money Spell ($600)


Chavi Revenge Spell ($400)
 Rauni Revenge Spell ($600)

STEP 2: Mail Materials for Spell

In order to make your spell as personalized
and powerful as possible, I ask you to send me as much
of the following as you can:

1. A handwritten description of your wish,
with as much detail as possible, signed with your name.

2. 7 hairs from your body.

3. A photograph or detailed written description
of people involved in the spell. Copies of photographs are fine.
If you do not know descriptions of everyone who is involved in the spell, that is ok, just provide the information you can.

4. Names and birthdates of people involved, if known.

5. (optional) For spells involving another person, if it is possible to obtain some of their hair, body fluids, or an item they have touched, include this as well. Even a tissue wiped across a door handle they have touched will work. Put this in a plastic bag, and label the bag.

Mail the items to me at:


(Please note that items will not be returned,
as they will be used in the spell casting)


STEP 3: Your Spell

After I receieve these items, I will let you know the dates for your spell casting, and email you with any furter instructions. Then sit back and watch the magic work!