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"Thank you thank you thank you! I thought all hope was lost when I wrote to you about (B) and I. But within a few days of your spell, he came to my door asking me to forgive him and that he wanted to be with me and only me again. We are now living together, and everything is l just like I dreamed! He is perfect and loving and attentive. Thank you!" - (M) Los Angeles, CA


"I don't know if you remember me, but I wrote to you for help a few months ago. I was in love with a man I worked with, but he hardly seemed to notice me. Well, nothing happened right away, and I almost gave up hope, but a few weeks ago he asked me out, and wonderful things have been happening ever since. Last night he told me he loved me, and has never felt this way about another woman!!! You spells are amazing, thank you for blessing the world, and me, with your gifts!" - (JK) Ohio.


"I got the promotion, even though I was competing with more qualified people. They said they could tell I really wanted the job, and knew I could do a great job at it!" Adam - TN.


"Renna, thank you for your help. (S) got exactly what she deserved for trying to ruin my love life with (F). Bless you." (RHG) Florida.